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A message from the webmaster

Past Life Connections is currently under construction.

When completed, this site will provide a friendly community for people to interact and explore history in a new way. By gathering stories and timelines from our members about their past life experiences, we will chart human history based not on historical texts or archaeological digs, but by cataloging personal stories from those who were there. This approach may also connect members with others they have known in previous lives. Imagine finding a family member or other significant acquaintance from a previous life. Finding the path someone you've known has taken can bring resolution and closure to the mysteries we're left with.

This site is being designed to give our members the choice of how they will proceed. Revealing as much or as little about yourself in your present or previous lives as you are comfortable with sharing. Moderators of the site will make every effort to make sure that members are only posting material that is relevant and constructive.

Check back soon for updates on site progress.